Sales on many PPE and disinfecting products are being allocated based on purchasing patterns and product availability.


The entire staff at Medline | Dufort et Lavigne are working incredibly hard to get through this exceptionally busy period. However, the wait time to speak to one of our customer service representatives will be longer than usual.


The carriers with whom we work are also affected by the current events. Consequently, we cannot guarantee the usual delivery times.


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Personal protective equipment
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Produits pour le traitement du lymphoedème

Nous distribuons toute la gamme des produits de bandages pour le lymphoedème de la compagnie BSN ainsi que les vêtements prêt-à-porter ou sur-mesure Elvarex et Jobst.

Selected items for first aid kits


Personalize your kit according to your needs.

Dufort et Lavigne Dental Bib

Dufort et Lavigne

  • Dimensions : 33 x 46 cm – 13 x 18 in.
  • 2-ply paper + 1-ply poly
Starting from $27.95 See

Dufort et Lavigne Cotton Ball

Dufort et Lavigne

  • Made of 100% USP cotton
  • Resealable, Ziploc type bag

Miltex Sterile Disposable Dermal Curette

Integra Miltex

  • Disposable – single used curette
  • Sterile - Individually packaged in peel-apart pouches
Starting from $195.34 $50.99 See
Starting from $159.75 $99.99 See

Nitri-Dex Reusable Nitrile Work Glove

Showa Best Glove

  • Length : 12 in. – 30.5 in.
  • Palm and fingers textured
Starting from $19.65 $16.99 See

Micro-Touch Plus Latex Powder-Free Glove

Ansell healthcare

  • Low latex protein - contain 50 micrograms or less of total water-extractible protein per gram
  • Cream color
Starting from $23.70 See

Alliance Facial Tissue

Medline Industries, Inc.

  • 2 ply
  • Designed specifically for hospital use, as it releases hardly no particulate matter that could enter the eyes or respiratory tract
Starting from $0.99 See

BOP Sterilization Flat Pouch

Amcor Flexibles

  • One side paper/one side transparent (shatterless, tear-resistant film)
  • Contain an indicator placed between the two layers (intrafilm) to ensure a more accurate gauge of sterilization
Starting from $40.58 $19.99 See
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