New upholstery colors for Midmark and Ritter products

Submitted by Dufort et Lavigne on May 24, 2018 11:59.


Discover the new upholstery colors for exam and multifunction tables, stools and blood drawing chairs!


It’s now possible to order your Midmark and Ritter furniture with the new colors. 

The former colors are available until October 31, 2018. It’s time to complete your current furniture set.


In addition to the new upholstery colors, Midmark has changed the color of the steel structure and drawers of the Ritter 204 Manual Examination Table along with its accessories, such as armrests. The same applies to the Ritter 281 Blood Drawing Chairs, the Ritter 253 Exam Lights, and the Ritter 255 Procedure Lights. The new color for the metal and plastic components corresponds to the MIST PAINT COLOR in the new color palette. 


The new colors are also available on the Ritter 222 Power Exam Table which is currently part of a clearance sale.