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Medline Cuffed Endotrach Tube


  • Featuring a high-volume, low-pressure barrel-shaped cuff
  • Also featuring a responsive pilot balloon with a valve to infllate the cuff
Starting from $12.45 See

Intermediate Hi-Lo Oral/Nasal Cuffed Endotrach Tube


  • Mallinckrodt Intermediate Hi-Lo Oral/Nasal Tracheal Tube
  • For oral or nasal intubations where a shorter cuff is desired

Rüsch Safety Clear Cuffed PVC Endotracheal Tube

Teleflex Medical

  • Single-use, sterile
  • Cylindrical High volume/low pressure cuff
Starting from $5.30 $1.99 See

Soft Seal Portex Cuffed PVC Nasal Tracheal Tube

Smiths Medical

  • Profile Soft Seal cuff consists of a profile cuff design with a material that is softer than standard PVC
  • One way valve for inflation and deflation of cuff
Starting from $69.30 See

Portex Uncuffed PVC Oral/Nasal Tracheal Tube

Smiths Medical

  • Provides a direct and unimpeded airway for gases to pass to and from the lungs
  • Firm enough for ease of intubation yet soften when in place to conform to the anatomy of the upper respiratory tract
Starting from $32.95 See

Uncuffed SafetyClear PVC Oral/Nasal Tracheal Tube

Teleflex Medical

  • Tailles disponibles : D.I. 2,0 à 10,0 mm avec extrémité noire pour les tailles de D.I. 2,0 à 6,5 mm
  • Raccord prémonté
Starting from $3.45 $1.69 See
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