N95 respirators, masks and other protective products


Given the increased demand for products in regards to the Coronavirus, Medline | Dufort et Lavigne states that, as regards selling N95 respirators, masks and other protective products, priority must be given to hospitals in Québec.

Sales to our other customers are restricted and allocation is based on purchasing patterns and product availability.

Selling any of these products outside of the province of Québec is forbidden.


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IT STAYS Roll-On Body Adhesive

  • Ideal for thigh length stockings, when garter belt or silicone bands are undesirable
  • Helps keep compression garments firmly in place all day

JOBST UlcerCARE Knee High 2-Stocking Compression System

  • Two-stocking system incorporating a liner and an outer stocking to supply the gradient compression needed for a venous ulcer to heal (40 mmHg)
  • Allows self-management and normal lifestyle for the patient
Starting from $40.10 See

Actimove Standard Orthopedic Walker

  • Suitable for the Post OP treatment, following severe ankle injuries and after fractures of the foot and ankle
  • Criss-cross ankle straps prevent the back and forward movement of the foot in the Actimove® Walker and provide improved heel fixation and a Rocker Sole supports the physiological gait for better walking movement
Starting from $62.96 See

JOBST Metal Stocking Donner

  • Weight : 2 lb. – 11 oz.
  • Ideal for patients with arthritis and limited bending motion
Starting from $5.89 See
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