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DRI Sleeper Excel Bed-Wetting Treatment Alarm

AMG Medical

  • Effective in successfully treating bed-wetting in up to 90% of children over the age of 5 years but It is also used by adults
  • Works by having the unique, patented UrosensorT placed inside the underwear or inside a minipad which is attached inside the underwear : alarm is triggered with the first drops of urine on the UrosensorT to waken the user

Medegen Medical Products Plastic Sitz Bath

Medegen Medical Products

  • Comes complete with 60-in. (153 cm) tubing and 2000 mL water bag

Medline Plastic Sitz Bath


  • Provides soothing rectal and/or perineal soaking therapy
  • High-impact plastic bowl
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Medline Plastic Sitz Bath

AMG Medical

  • Comes complete with tubing and 2000 cc (2 litres) water bag
  • Fits most standard toilet bowls. Edges are slightly contoured to assure comfort

Ultra-Soft Dry Cleansing Cloth for Personal Cleansing


  • Get softness, strength and absorbency all in one with these Ultra-Soft Disposable Dry Cleansing Cloths
  • Softer than reusables on fragile or sensitive skin, these cleansing wipes feature a Soft-Spun™ fabric that provides softness and strength similar to natural cloth

Kendall Curity Baby Diaper

Cardinal (Covidien)

  • Languettes élastiques à boucles et crochets réutilisables pour faciliter l’inspection et l’ajustement
  • Revers intérieurs des jambes perméables à l’air pour une protection respirante
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Tena Comfort Adult Pad

  • Designed for moderate urine and/or fecal incontinence protection
  • Used for restorative care

Sure Care Beltless Undergarment

Cardinal (Covidien)

  • Contains super-absorbent polymers for maximum fluid retention and odor reduction, all while keeping the skin dry
  • The one-size-fits-all brings comfort and ease to the wearer each and every use

PROSHIELD PLUS Protective Cream

Smith & Nephew

  • A dimethicone-based skin protectant containing copolymer bio-adhesives
  • Smooth, viscous, greaseless, fragrance-free moisture barrier for the care of intact of injured skin associated with common diarrhea or incontinence

Secura Protective Dimethicone Cream

Smith & Nephew

  • Contains 5% dimethicone for maximum protection and moisturizing
  • Protects from minor skin irritations associated with incontinence-induced dermatitis and helps prevent and cure diaper rash

Secura Protective Zinc Oxide Cream

Smith & Nephew

  • Contains 10% zinc oxide and 99.3% petrolatum
  • Contains Vitamin E and Allantoin
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Baza Protect II Dimenthicone and Zinc Cream


  • Contains zinc oxide and dimethicone with petrolatum; natural vitamins A, D & E
  • Special formulation of ingredients that aids in the protection, prevention and relief and/or treatment of diaper dermatitis (rash) from incontinence
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