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ACCU-CHEK Safe-T-Pro Plus ready-to use disposable Lancet

Roche Diagnostics

  • Offering three adjustable depths according to patients 
  • skin types : 1.3, 1.8 ou 2.3 mm

BD Microtainer Contact Activated Lancet


  • Contact-activated lancet has been designed with a positive patient experience in mind. The contact activation method facilitates a consistent puncture depth and minimizes the likelihood of having to repeat the puncture
  • Covers only a small area at the contact point, resulting in improved visibility of the puncture site for the clinician and greater accuracy of lancet positioning when performing the puncture. Its innovative ergonomic design allows for a more comfortable grip

BD Microtainer Quikheel Lancet


  • Maximize blood flow while minimizing pain in heelsticks on newborns with the safety-engineered
  • Easy, one-handed activation releases a retractable surgical blade for making a precise, consistent incision that produces sufficient blood flow to conduct PKU testing
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BD Sentry Push-Button Safety Lancet


  • Lancette pour prélèvement capillaire au bout du doigt
  • Activation par bouton poussoir avec mise en sécurité automatique et irréversible de l’aiguille après la ponction
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