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Given the high demand for products in regards to the Coronavirus, Medline | Dufort et Lavigne states that, as regards selling N95 respirators, masks, protective (gowns) and disinfecting products (alcohol), priority must be given to designated clinics, hospitals and CHSLDs in Québec.


Sales to our other customers are restricted and allocation is based on purchasing patterns and product availability.


Selling any of these products outside of the province of Québec is forbidden.



Longer than usual WAITING TIME


We are currently receiving a high volume of calls due to a strong demand for products which are now being manually assigned. The wait time to speak to one of our customer service representatives will be longer than usual.


If you contact us by means other than telephone, please be aware that we must prioritize order processing. All other inquiries regarding deliveries or product information will be handled as soon as possible.


The carriers with whom we work are also affected by the current events. Consequently, we cannot guarantee the usual delivery times.



The entire staff at Medline | Dufort et Lavigne are working incredibly hard to get through this exceptionally busy period.



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Universal Desk Charger for W. Allyn Lithium + NiCad Handles

Welch Allyn

  • Colored LEDs indicate handles are charging
  • Accepts 3.5 V NiCad (WAL71670) and Lithium Ion (WAL71910) handles, as well as
Starting from $277.23 See

Universal Desk Charger with Two 3.5-V Handles

Welch Allyn

  • Avec indicateurs lumineux lorsque les instruments sont en charge
  • Vient avec des manches rechargeables NiCad 3,5 V (WAL71670) ou Lithium Ion 3,5 V (WAL71910)
Starting from $581.34 See

USB Charger For Lithium Ion Battery Handle

Welch Allyn

  • With USB charging module and USB Micro-B port
  • Easy charging through USB port on all Lithium Ion battery handles

3.5 V Power Handle Battery C-cell Converter

Welch Allyn

  • Adapter/C-cell Converter for NiCad Rechargeable handle for Welch Allyn 3.5 V instruments
  • For transform Standard handle (WAL71000A) to Convertible handle (WAL71000C) and used it two C-cell batteries

Lithium Ion Rechargeable Handl Welch Allyn 3.5 V Instruments

Welch Allyn

  • Fits all Welch Allyn 3.5-V instrument heads
  • 120 minutes of operation between charges
Starting from $306.99 See

NiCad Rechargeable Handle for Welch Allyn 3.5 V Instruments

Welch Allyn

  • Fits all Welch Allyn 3.5-V instrument heads
  • 60 minutes of operation between charges
Starting from $158.29 See
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