N95 respirators, masks and other protective products


Given the increased demand for products in regards to the Coronavirus, Medline | Dufort et Lavigne states that, as regards selling N95 respirators, masks and other protective products, priority must be given to hospitals in Québec.

Sales to our other customers are restricted and allocation is based on purchasing patterns and product availability.

Selling any of these products outside of the province of Québec is forbidden.


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Kendall AMD Antimicrobial Foam Disk


  • Ideal dressing to cover wounds resulting from percutaneous devices, including vascular and non-vascular catheters
  • Semi-occlusive, allows exchange of gases, such as oxygen and water vapour
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3M Tegaderm Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing


  • Consisting of a conformable acrylic pad enclosed between two layers of transparent adhesive film
  • Ideal for: pressure ulcers, skin tears, abrasions, donor sites, superficial burns and post-surgical wounds
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Kendall Calcium Alginate Dressing


  • Highly absorbent sterile dressing
  • Designed to interact with sodium in wounds to create an ionic exchange and help jump-start the epitheliazation process
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