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Basic emergency kit for the dental office

You’ll find many of the emergency medical products and medication required by the ODQ.

Dufort et Lavigne Dental Bib

Dufort et Lavigne

  • Dimensions : 33 x 46 cm – 13 x 18 in.
  • 2-ply paper + 1-ply poly
Starting from $28.00 $19.99 See

Dufort et Lavigne Instant Cold Pack

Dufort et Lavigne

  • Recommended in the treatment of inflammation caused by: tendonitis, strains, sprains, as well as for minor burns
  • For single use only. Discard after using.
Starting from $0.95 $0.69 See

Avant Gauze Non-Woven Sponge


  • 4-Ply
  • Rayon/polyester blend construction for the perfect balance of strength and absorbency
Starting from $0.85 $0.69 See

Pro-Gel 1.23% APF Topical Fluoride Gel


  • 60-second applications with disposable fluoride gel trays
  • Fast-acting results due to low pH delivering up to 12 000 ppm of fluoride in just one minute
Starting from $15.84 $11.95 See

Pro-Polish Prophylaxis Paste with Fluoride


  • Economical alternative in jar format allows for the use of only the exact amount needed
  • Low splatter, easy to rinse formula with fast stain removal and excellent polishing results
Starting from $16.64 $13.99 See

SafeSeal Quattro Self-sealing Sterilization Pouch


  • Assured sterilization with a Class 4 internal multi-variable indicator and a Class 1 external process indicator for steam sterilization
  • With TruePress Technology resulting in a leak resistant pouch that protects the integrity of your instruments every time 
Starting from $10.64 See
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