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Tips for AMG Step-on Stool

AMG Medical

  • Replacement parts for AMG Step-on Stool (AMG116460 or AMG116470)

Midmark 647 Podiatry Power Chair


Capacity : 204 kg – 450 lb.

Height : 48 to 102 cm – 19 to 40 in. 


» Ergonomic retractable foot section with conveniently positioned release handles for desired length adjustment
» Integrated swing arm stainless steel instrument tray and fully adjustable chair arms
» Integrated hand controls and sealed foot control for proper height and angle positioning


AMG Steel Frame Step-on Stool

AMG Medical

  • Height: 23 cm – 9 in.
  • All-welded steel frame construction

AMG Step-on Stool with Chrome Handrail

AMG Medical

  • All-welded steel frame construction
  • Non-tip design

Promotal Pair of legrests for gynecological examination


  • Accessory dedicated to all types of gynecological examinations (QUEST Power Exam Table)
  • Promotes excellent support of the patient for a serene examination and maximum comfort while ensuring the maintenance of the legs in the desired position
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