N95 respirators, masks and other protective products


Given the increased demand for products in regards to the Coronavirus, Medline | Dufort et Lavigne states that, as regards selling N95 respirators, masks and other protective products, priority must be given to hospitals in Québec.

Sales to our other customers are restricted and allocation is based on purchasing patterns and product availability.

Selling any of these products outside of the province of Québec is forbidden.


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Puritan Rayon Tip OB/GYN Swab

Puritan Medical Products

  • Long paper handle
  • Extra-absorbent large, oversized, rayon tip : Diameter = 0.5 in. (12. 7 mm) / Length = 1.125 in. (28.575 mm)

Medline Rayon Tip Proctology Swab


  • Flexible plastic shaft
  • Rayon tip
Starting from $7.95 See

MedPro Rayon Tip Proctology Swab

AMG Medical

  • Plastic applicator with large rayon bud
  • Single use only
Starting from $10.33 See

Puritan Tapered Mini Cotton Tip Swab

Puritan Medical Products

  • For use in wound care and tapered end suitable for precision application of medicines and accessing hard-to-reach areas
  • Also can be used for cleaning tubes and scopes in medical device manufacturing or jewelry manufacturing and art restoration

MedPro Applicator with Silver Nitrate

AMG Medical

  • Flexible, may be bent or shaped
  • Silver Nitrate 75%, Potassium Nitrate 25%

Alliance Non-Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicator

  • Wooden applicator
  • Single use only

Starting from $5.49 See
Starting from $75.45 See

MedPro Non-Sterile Applicator

AMG Medical

  • Wooden applicator
  • Single use only

Starting from $1.61 See

Medicom Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicator

  • Sealed in autoclavable bags of 100
  • Highly absorbent, extra-soft cotton tips contribute to patient comfort
Starting from $5.85 See

MedPro Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicator

AMG Medical

  • Sterile wooden applicator
  • Single Use Only

Starting from $6.01 See
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